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DLCs and Sim Settlements dynamic content

Quick question! I just realized that the Megapacks load content dynamically (that is, I can still use it even though I don't have any DLC; any buildings with DLC content are simply not loaded!).

My question is, does that apply to all Sim Settlements add-ons? Can I download add ons that say they require DLC on Nexus on the off chance that they will have buildings that don't use DLC assets, which I can then use?

Thanks so much!


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It does not automatically apply to all addons, unfortunately. If you don't have all master files, your game will ctd. The mod author has to set the building plans up in a specific way in order for any DLC/Creation Club/Other Content to not be required for the addon pack. If it's only a decorative item in a plot or two it can be done fairly easily, but if it is for building plans that heavily relies on the non-vanilla content it is a much more complex process. In both cases the mod author would need to keep two versions of the mod, one "work-version" with the DLC/Creation Club/Other Content as masters, another clean vanilla. All records need to be copied over from the work-version to the vanilla version and you would need to keep track of both versions. Lots of room for errors and a very fiddly process with low creative value for the mod author. And you would need to constantly be on guard over what assets you are using when building, limiting yourself to the base vanilla items most of the time. (For Wasteland Venturers we instead opted to keep WV1 vanilla and add DLC requirement to WV2.)

The Megapacks are in their form already copied records from abandoned addon packs where the work already had been done, and they won't really be updated so it's a very different situation from what most active addon authors are in.
Thanks for the explanation! Also I love wasteland Ventures 1 <3 Thanks for keeping it vanilla for us plebs. I swear, one day when I have a few spare dollars I'll get all the DLC and I am SO much more excited to see what all you wonderful Sim Settlements artists have done than i am to play whatever story/content Bethesda has spent their vast resources on hahaha