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Conqueror Tester Needed


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If you love Conqueror for Sim Settlements 1 and would like to help test some new code - I could use your help!

Most folks don't know this - but Workshop Framework is actually what provides the backbone for the Assault System used by Conqueror! In preparation for Chapter 3 of SS2, which will bring many of the Conqueror gameplay mechanics to SS2, I'm reworking some functionality in Workshop Framework.

I want to be certain that the changes I make have no negative impact on Conqueror - as I want players to still be able to enjoy SS1 or SS2.

You'd basically be playing Conqueror with a beta build of Workshop Framework to ensure nothing has broken. If you're interested, please DM me with your experience level with Conqueror and a Discord username so I can get in touch with you.



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I'd love to test any thing new for you im not concerned about any crashes I might experience and would keep u up to date on any kind of outcome good bad or even weird most of all id love to be part of team anyway I can I can't mod but I love computer stuff I want to learn coding and everything no matter what it's been an honor just to play ss2 and ss1