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Forum Rules Community Behavioral Expectations

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Our expectation for this community has always been about fostering helpful, polite interactions between members. We want people to share their knowledge about the mod's mechanics with people who are new to the community. We want people to find new friends with shared interests and excitement over Sim Settlements content. We encourage people to learn how to create new content to contribute back to the community. To foster that we've always discouraged discussion of divisive topics. However this is not enough to maintain a friendly helpful community. Lately we've seen a significant increase in some community members behaving badly toward one another. We will be dealing with such behavior more strictly moving forward.

Discouraged Behaviors
  • Please do not be rude to users who are new to the mod and may not fully understand all the mechanics of the mod, even if in their frustration they are insulting the mod or dev team.

  • If you are frustrated by something you don't understand or you think something is broken please be patient with the people who are trying to help you with your problem rather than using insults. If someone trying to help you asks a question or makes a suggestion that you feel is insulting to your intelligence and level of game play experience please just let them know politely that you're aware of that piece of information. Recognize that not all users will know what you know and that the people trying to help you have no way of knowing if you know that or not.

  • If someone is treating you, or someone else, rudely please report their behavior using the forum report system instead of responding to it with anger and insults. Doing this only escalates the problem and causes resentment that will spill over into other threads. We will be working with the admins and moderation team to respond faster and more decisively to address these issues in the future.

Moving Forward
We will now begin utilizing formal warnings for inappropriate behavior such as described in the above (but not limited to) discouraged behaviors. In general the kinds of behavior that would not be allowed on Nexus will not be allowed here. Maintaining a list of every offensive behavior that might warrant a formal warning would be challenging and result in a lengthy document. So we rely on people to use good judgement and err on the side of caution. If you're not certain if something is acceptable either don't do it or ask an admin.

If you receive 3 formal warnings you will be banned from this site and discord if applicable. These community standards apply to the various SS mods Nexus comments section, this site, and SS discord servers. Please note that particularly inappropriate behavior in the Nexus comments section may be reported to Nexus admins as well as possibly resulting in a ban from the mod itself. Inappropriate behavior on this site or discord will not necessarily result in a ban from the mod itself, only this site and discord (though exceptions may be made).
Not open for further replies.