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Question City Plan misplacing walls and foundations


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i'm new to Sim Settlements but i've been playing Fallout 4 since forever and have been enjoying quite a few mods along the way. Now i am wanting to try Sim Settlements because i have never been the big builder myself. However, i am encountering quite a big problem:
When using a city plan from the desk it places alot of the foundations and the walls all over the place.
I did disable mods like Spring Cleaning and Place Anywhere but no success so far. I also tried different saves and waited ingame (30+ minutes) after starting the plan but nothing seems to help. It doesn't seem to matter which city plan i use. I have searched Google, YouTube and this forum but haven't come across this problem anywhere else. Some Screenshots and my load order are included, i do hope someone can help me with this.


  • Screenshot 2022-05-06 153653.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-05-06 153653.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-05-06 153821.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-05-06 153821.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-05-06 153911.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-05-06 153911.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-05-06 153957.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-05-06 153957.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-05-06 162255.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-05-06 162255.jpg
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  • F4Gescheitmeyer_loadorder.txt
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