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City Plan Conversion Team


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We're currently working on tools and steps to port City Plans from Sim Settlements 1 forward to Sim Settlements 2 - but we need help!

If you enjoy tinkering with settlements, and would like to see more City Plans for Sim Settlements 2 - we're currently recruiting some folks who can help bring the Rise of the Commonwealth City Plans forward. The process will involve investigating City Plans that our conversion scripts have created, and making some changes to make the settlements better work with Sim Settlements 2 - such as incorporating Municipal Plots!

If the RotC conversion goes well, we can hopefully bring forward more City Plans, such as the City Plan Contest entries.

This will be a long-term project where you'll be working with other team members. If you're interested in helping out, and play on PC, please message me to let me know that you are interested and what your availability is like!



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I'd love to try and help, but are there any requirements? Scripting experience? Any other technical knowledge needed?


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As a (availabiltiy=) retired Urban & Traffic Architect/Designer I would be thrilled to help out here. Just hope I can restrain myself enough and not go to plaid on the settlement budget :). Let me know what I can do for ya'all !?
I am sure you got enough PM's to sift through so I wont bother sending you one at this point.