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Chapter 3 Fanfic - “Union” - Sequel to “Darlin’” Posted — Updates Here


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Hello everyone, it has been quite some time!

I’m happy to announce that after 7 months of planning, outlining, and writing, I’ve finally posted Chapter 1 of the sequel to my fanfic “Darlin.”

This fic follows the events of Sim Settlements 2: Chapter 3. I’ve posted it here:

I’ll post updates and teasers here. Please feel free to read, comment, and share. I definitely enjoyed interacting with the community with my last fic :)
All’s fair in love and...

War threatens the Commonwealth, and it threatens everything the Chief and Jake worked so hard for. Carmen, Sole Survivor of Vault 111, knows that war never changes. What she hadn’t accounted for was how war would change her.

This story is the anticipated sequel to “Darlin’” and follows the events of Sim Settlements 2: Chapter 3. As Carmen struggles to become the leader that will ensure the Commonwealth’s survival, Jake struggles to make sense of their relationship. In this brutal affair of guerrilla tactics and subterfuge, where does he fit in, and why does it feel like his darlin’ ain’t so darling anymore? Can Aiden let go of the future he invested in, or will his stubbornness prove to be their undoing? And when the war is done, who will be left standing to piece together the scattered remains of the Commonwealth? Does victory mean peace?

Can that peace last?

Watch as an engineer learns he can’t fix everything, a vigilante learns there are things in life sweeter than revenge, and a trophy wife becomes exactly what the Commonwealth made her.

More hot mess. More train-wreck. More screaming through your computer screens.

Strap in, it’s gonna be a long one.
Chapter 2: Flickering Lights is up!
Jake, Aiden, and Codsworth stood outside the entrance to the newly uncovered wing of HQ. What lay beyond it was anyone’s guess—everyone they’d sent in hadn’t made it back, and they’d lost all radio contact.

This is exactly the sort of thing they’d call the Chief for. Aiden knew her abilities, her combat style—knew how to work with her without a word between them. If Carmen was here, they’d already be in and out by now—staff rescued, building secured.

But Carmen wasn’t here right now, a fact that Jake made sure Aiden was painfully aware of.

“I ain’t your first choice, and you ain’t mine neither. But I’m the best you got.”
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Chapter 3: Duncan is up!
She peeked out the front of the wagon to see MacCready waving the all-clear to the bridge. But, when they reached him, he held out a hand to stop them.

“We might have a problem.”

“What is it?” the driver asked.

“No one’s here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly that. I scoped out the town from here. Middle of the day—there’s no one.”

“Raiders?” One of the guards asked.

MacCready shook his head. “No damage, no smoke. Just empty. Like a ghost town.”