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Beta Testers Wanted!


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Looking for PC Players interested in experimenting with early builds of SS2 so we can be sure the patches actually do what they claim. With how complex the mod is, and the variety of scenarios players can get their save files in between choices in game and different load orders - it's important we get as many eyes on the patches as we can before we push them out publicly.

Every week or two, you'll be given early builds and a list of major changes or new content that need testing. Once you've played the content/tested the features, you'll report the results so I can fix anything not working as advertised and feel confident in the stuff that was working!

Sometime later this year, active beta testers will also be invited to test out Chapter 3!

If you're interested in being a part of this, please message me directly with your availability and experience with SS2.



Beta testing may be a good way to dip my toes in, but I do have a strong desire to learn modding and contribute to the SS team. I have no experience modding games, but I do have 23 years of software development experience. I did some pretty high-end, full-stack web and also desktop/server coding in a large variety of languages. Listing them wouldn't mean much, as anybody who works in software dev for a long time can appreciate that the languages you learn in college/uni, end up falling by the wayside pretty quick, and you always have to learn new tech and languages on-the-job.

Illness led to a forced early retirement in 2017, so I'd be unable to contribute a lot of time, but I would love to learn modding and would love the chance to move towards some of the actual script writing for SS.

My only other barrier right now is stone-age internet. It has great connectivity and ping, but maxes out at 5 mb/s downloads. Downloading the 1.9gb SS mod regularly would take a fair bit of time lol!


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I do have a strong desire to learn modding
Here are some good places to start:
There is also the SS2 author's discord to get help on your journey.


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Hiya @kinggath ! Yes, please count me back in! :) You know how i like to break-test mods :D


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I'd genuinely be keen. I'm super fascinated by Sim Settlements.

I don't know how to make mods, but I've done HEAPS of modding to Fallout 4 and have gotten a bunch of friends into it. If I can offer any help in developing Sim Settlements further, I'd be genuinely keen.

I'm super happy to learn whatever I need to.