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Barracks L3 Upgrade Stuck?


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I placed a barracks, upgraded it to a level 2 Minutemen barracks. I did Taking Independence, and I opened the plot's upgrade menu and was given the option to upgrade it to level 3, as usual.

But when I told it to upgrade, it didn't so anything. It's stuck at level 2, and the upgrade menu is empty now. Even weirder, I refreshed the plot and it it only partially refreshed - it's just an empty shell of a L2 barracks, with no beds and no doors.

How do I unfuck it? If I scrap it and start over from L1, will it eventually work?
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Cranky Cat

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Same happens to me with the railroad barracks. I've been meaning to look at it myself to see if I can figure it out.

Also, the last post by JTBryant is last August so I don't think they're still active.
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