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Balance Guru Wanted


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Are you a spreadsheet nut? Do you revel in deeply complex strategy games with loads of numbers to track? Do you enjoy analyzing experience curves? Optimizing production lines? Reaching Satisfactory Tier 8?

We need your help!

Sim Settlements 2 brought SS into the gather and production gameplay business, and we've got an extreme amount of systems and numbers to balance - more so with each new Chapter! We're looking for someone who's passionate about systems to help manage those numbers.

The role would involve:

  • Collecting data in game, game files, and from community
  • Building and maintaining spreadsheets for public and team use
  • Proposing costs and production models for various systems
  • Helping with implementation of new models

If you're interested, please message me (click my name and choose Start Conversation) with any experience you think would be relevant, and some example spreadsheets (or websites/databases/anything that shows organized or visualized data) you are particularly proud of.