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ASAM inventory location


New Member
If possible you should have the ASAMs located in the MISC section of player inventory. This would take away the tedious process of having to sort through workbench inventories when you do a place all JUNK into a workbench.
Its not a must have but it would be a great "make life easier" change.
The game considers anything that is a component used for building objects "Junk" like "steel" or "wood", etc.
ASAM Sensors are made up of components, Boxes of ASAMs are also made up of components (since it contains ASAM Sensors). It's technically not possible to change them to MISC and still be able to Craft an ASAM Sensor or break down a Box of ASAMs into individual ASAM Sensors.

A work around to ensure that you don't accidentally deposit them into a Workshop is to hand your ASAMs and/or Boxes of ASAMS to your Companion to hold for you.