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Are there any tidy plot mods that are being maintained by the author?


New Member
By tidy, I mean no broken glass windows, no holes in roofs or walls, etc. I'm from New England and I can't tell you how much those things bug me. If the climate is the same as it is now, those things could and would kill you in winter. In slightly modded vanilla, I have added a mod that makes the glass in the warehouse and barn building sets whole, and I mostly use those. The weathered look of the barn set blends in with the rickety junk look, but I still can make buildings that act as a solid environmental envelope.


I agree, if settlers in the 1700s could build a house without holes I think my settlers could. Even (gasp!!) use a broom. I tried to learn how to use the creation kit to make my own plots, but I suck at it.