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Alternative plans for ROTC

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I am liking your plans, and they just might be enough for me to try building a few of my own.
P.L. is a nice open area. I really like the water going through the area. But of course you can start anywhere. If you don't want to download PL.


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I am curious if anyone has been trying these plans? I downloaded but after ROTC is giving me so much grief , scared to try the complex plans.

Everything is fine til I goto a city that seems to wait for me to go thru a level upgrade and all the buildings are explodig, I guess changing plans. This either knocks out my sound or causes CTD.

My pc is fairly new rtx 3070 i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz and I dont have a ton of mods, runs smooth with the occasion load crash every few hrs but now any settlement that has rotc plan is risky. I am slowly demolishing them all and just slapping a basic plan for now, but did like the way these guys use space just not at cost of crashing more.