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Old Post Additional ASAM vision options request/idea

Mark Varley

New Member
Short: Request for ASAM vision modes that show the job or plot type a settler is assigned to.

Long: I like to give my settlers appropriate outfits/equipment for their job, most importantly weapons and armour for my guards, but especially while using Workshop Framework & Workshop Plus it's a slow process to enter build mode, identify one or two guards, exit workshop mode and then 'trade' with them some armour and weapon upgrades, then back into workshop mode, over and over. If I could walk around the settlement, or gather my settlers, and as well as see who's unemployed or homeless, also see who are guards/martial, traders, farmers, industrial, etc. I could quickly and easily equip them appropriately. As there are visible tags for their jobs when in workshop mode I figure it'd be easy to add this feature and it'd save me a lot of time!