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Question About interiors


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I enjoy the storyline and municipal plots for SS2, but I still really love decorating my own settlements, so I like using interior residential plots, especially fairly simple ones like msalaba's Bare Essentials. I'd like to make some of my own, but I'm pretty new to the CK (I've mainly just messed around with recipes in there). I've looked at both the written and video tutorials, and I have what is probably a silly question:

I want to start with an interior residential plot that is just a bed. Since it's an interior, it don't have any walls, floors, etc. Does this mean I skip the process of creating a Static Collection and converting it to a Model File? Or do I go through the steps, with what is essentially just the building stage and the interior alignment helper? Or should I do something else entirely?

If you could put it in terms of the written tutorials (e.g., "skip steps 8-19 of the Your First Building Model tutorial") that would be especially helpful. Thanks!


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I would recommend going through the entire tutorial. Don't worry about making a finished product at this time. I did that and it caused me a lot of frustrations.

Later in the tutorial it will talk about importing building plans with an xEdit script. At that point you should be able to answer your own question.
For a building plan that does not have a building model, use the vanilla Xmarker form for all construction stages. All your spawns will be StageItems.

This might help a little as well.