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3d Modeler Wanted


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We are looking for a 3d modeler to help us enhance Sim Settlements 2 until it puts Bethesda's art team to shame! With our new mechanics and story content, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure things pop and grab the player's attention.

If you've got 3d modeling experience and are comfortable with 3ds Max - we need your help! Bonus points if you've done Fallout 4 mod work in the past, but we can teach those workflows so long as you're willing to experiment and learn. In particular, you must acquire yourself a copy of 3ds 2013 or 2014 as those are the only versions that can correctly be exported to Fallout 4.

We're aiming to expand our core team, so are looking for people who are passionate enough about Sim Settlements that they want to see it thrive!

Please message me with samples of your work and any relevant experience working on mods or games!


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Dear SS Dev team,
My name is BigPapa, and I am looking for work on your outstanding mod. I was a huge fan of classic Sim Settlements and after returning from a 3-year fallout break, I was delighted to see that my favorite mod had been overhauled, updated, and re-released with new GFX, UI, and even a story. After playing through the first part of the story, I knew I had to get in on the action.

Relevant work experience.
While I have never worked on a Bethesda game, I have almost 2 and a half years of modding experience on Hearts of Iron 4. I mainly worked with Cold War: the Iron Curtain, doing everything from localization, to UI work, to focus tree building. I was able to climb the ranks with this team to the leader of all eastern bloc development, a position I will always laugh at and be proud of. Working with CWIC has taught me how to develop aesthetically pleasing graphics, manage work effectively, command a team, and most importantly, learn new skills on the fly. In the attached files below are samples of my work.

Note 1: Many are too big to attach.
Note 2: here are all my focus tree plans

My role on the team
To be honest, I highly doubt I will be able to create graphics immediately after joining the team. I don't know how to make 3d GFX, and although I hope to eventually hone my skills on the team, it will take time. Upon joining the team, I will be happy to do localization in English (and maybe en Español), logo and flag design, and random easy odd jobs that no one else wants to do. Once I learn how to make 3d GFX though, new and awesome models will go BRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr at a rate that will hopefully make your head spin.

My Vision for SS2
Eventually, I hope to make a meaningful contribution to the core mechanics and gameplay of Sim Settlement 2. Here is a list of them:
1. Make it so you could connect the settlements of Red Rocket and Sanctuary (and maybe V111 and Abernathy) to form a mega settlement that could rival Diamond city and goodneighbor at the end of the game.
2. Integrate fully integrate your settlements into the faction system.
3. Settlement resource trade, allowing each settlement to specialize in specific production. For example, Abernathy farm would produce surplus food for both Red Rocket and Sanctuary, Red Rocket would produce surplus scrap for Sanctuary and Abernathy Farm, and Sanctuary would produce surplus water for Red Rocket and Abernathy Farm. This would in turn make the supply line function more interesting. You could use this function to cannibalize other settlements and become a colonialist as well, I guess...
4. Full settlement economy with things like inflation, currency liquidity, and corruption.
5. A cool new main battle rifle for Gunners to use. I have been working on it for a couple of months for CWIC and it would fit perfectly in the fallout universe. Unlike Fallout's base game gun designs (looking at you assault rifle), mine would probably work IRL.
6. the ability to conscript people into a defense militia in mid-game, and a fully professionalized military by the end game with standardized uniforms and weapons.
Bonus idea: in my time working with the iron curtain, I developed an alternate history path plan for the eastern bloc that goes in the direction of the fallout universe. It's extremely fleshed out, and I have been dying to put it somewhere. While I fully understand sim settlement is extremely far removed from this entire subject, I would be DELIGHTED to brush off the old history books and lore documents to develop a few cool terminal entries on an underwater research lab or crashed Ekranoplan. Once an eastern bloc dev, always an eastern bloc dev, I guess.

Final thoughts
Thank you so much for reading my application, and I hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via Email at If you wish to collect references, I strongly suggest you reach out on our official CWIC discord server and contact the development team.


Side note: After playing the game more, I am now aware some of my suggestions were already added.


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