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  1. J

    Mcm won’t load and I’m not even sure where to start

    Howdy, while this isn’t a Sim Settlements issue this community is the only place I feel like I could actually get help with this. I have a fresh install of fallout 4, f4se, Mcm, and fall ui - hud, and the unofficial fallout 4 patch. When playing before the I reinstalled, Mcm worked without issue...
  2. RayBo

    Announcement 07July20 ++Read this before updating Vortex++

    Vortex Version: 1.2.18 This version is bugged. If you have updated do not follow the Vortex instructions to establish new overwrite rules. It is also recommended not to try to roll back. Don't change anything, wait for a patch / update. VORTEX FORUMS LINK...
  3. RayBo

    "Gopher" VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #6 : Profiles

    A good thing. All of Gophers videos are excellent for helping users mod Fo4 using Vortex. Profiles are an excellent tool for folks who wish to mod, troubleshoot and "add/run/test" variations of their game for any reason. VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #6 : Profiles
  4. Sirlach

    Tutorial Sim Settlements Experience Mod List.

    Why build a Sim Settlements Mod List? As members of the City Plan contest team Kinggath, UitUit and I needed a way to quickly setup a Sim Settlements Fallout 4 profile that would enable us to see all of the add-ons available in Sim Settlements that City Plan makers used. As I had built a...
  5. RayBo

    Mod Plug-in List: Find-it, save a text file, and make a shortcut

    For new users, users afraid to ask, users seeking help on the forums, users needing to post a text load order, and for general help and Vortex support. Video link is for general use on the Sim Settlement Forums. Also, see: Vortex Loot it, Group it, Rule it. Maybe, see: Fallrim Check Nexus...
  6. Labigcheeze

    Question Weird dependency glitch

    Tried reinstalling mods today, ended up with a weird glitch with one of the "3 in 1" mod files which causes Fo4 to crash on startup. Uninstalled the mod and replaced it with Sim settlements + expansions individually but LOOT & Vortex still register the error and the game still crashes, any help...
  7. Labigcheeze

    Problems with Vortex

    Hello, been trying to get back into F4 again and had to replace my NMM with Vortex as the program has been discontinued. Unfortunately the launcher keeps trying to download mods onto my SSD diskspace (which is nearly full) despite ALL of it's files & F4 data files existing on my larger hard...
  8. RayBo

    Vortex and ESP flagged ESL

    You can now flag candidates with the push of a button from inside of Vortex. Benefits: Manage esp limit No compacting esp mods into esl mods. Explained Old video below, but shows how to do it in vortex. For the technical answers see the gamer poets video above.
  9. C

    Closed Doesn't work properly when used with Workshop Plus

    I know it's weird since Kinggath made both mods but I already disabled all my other mods and only left 3: Workshop Framework 1.1.1 Workshop Plus 1.0.4 Sim Settlements All in One 4.0.0a If I place Sim Settlements on top I am able to install it using the holotape but I won't be able to fly in...