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  1. Reconphil

    Question RotC - Complex City Plans Version

    Is there a way to set the version of RotC - Complex City Plans, currently 1.0.1 on Nexus so it doesn't show up as out of date? It assumes RotC - Complex City Plans should be 4.2.9.
  2. O

    Xbox 1 - Version guidance to right patch #'s

    Hi i am having difficulty navigating from xbox 1 "Versions" to pc versions, on the index it does not have the right versions, (for example: Xbox 1 sim settlements mod Version: 82) is not listed on this page
  3. ThatOtherOnePerson

    Fallout version importance?

    So, I doubt I'm the only one who is not a fan of having CC content shoved down my poor computers metaphorical throat, so I'm wondering... Is not having the latest version of fallout, and therefore not having the latest version of F4SE, a problem if I still want to use the latest version of SS...