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  1. howie

    Suggestion an idea or 2

    How about a leader recruitment station for sim settlements to recruit leaders fallout 4 pc? How about tree house buildings for settlers? How about turret trees. How about prioritize building order right@ the start once u get the module for example. Food water beds defenses happiness decorations...
  2. M

    Suggestion Creating a custom faction in-game and diplomacy

    Introduction: Greetings, I am a new member here who recently became fascinated with the idea of the Conqueror mod, and would like to share some thoughts that came to me on the topic of creating a custom faction in-game. Let's get to it! Note: This could be an add-on pack for the Conqueror...
  3. RayBo

    Old Post A simply brilliant Mod!

    One fun mod! Simplistic Tent by kitcat81 Goes great with! Settlements Redone - Lakeside Cabin Settlement by Tarsis31 and Yagisan And it is Dogmeat Approved!
  4. RayBo

    Suggestion Toggabble Power Pole Size on Exterior Plots.

    ha! This is a really goofy suggestion. :crazy Often, I do odd things with plots like clipping them into abnormal spaces or placing exterior plots in interior spaces. I find myself making caves or overhangs and building more and more in vaults. There are many full sized or singular martial...
  5. Z

    Caravans/fast travel

    would it be possible to add new plot type wich add fast travel oportunity in form of travel with caravan to existing settlements, where t1 will let you traval to each settlement with caravan at least t1 t2 will let you fast travel to goodneigbrhood, bunker hill, and DC, t3 will add you...
  6. AndyJP

    Extend/Bypass Settlement Height Limits

    I'm not really sure why there is such a low invisible ceiling for settlements, but it's easily reachable if you've ever wanted to build a tall structure or on the rooftops of Hangman's Alley. I'm not sure what problems can arise by extending it, but it feels like a feature that would suit this...
  7. C

    Ideas for additional Hotkeys

    It occurred to me that one of the reasons I always disliked Bethesda's mechanics of building a settlement was the increasingly difficult time I have trying to place an item perfectly when it rotates at incredible speeds and something I feel that needs to be changed. Something this framework...
  8. A

    Breaking Bad plot suggestion: Fertilizing station...using dead bodies

    So i have this idea brewing in my mind... Wouldn't it be cool to have some kind of shack where dead bodies get dumped in bathtubs where they get dissolved into fertilizer? So after a raid or attack, whenever there are dead bodies laying around, this guy makes his tour round the settlement...