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  1. Grim Experiments

    Solved Slaves - Do I need to discipline them to get them to work?

    Lol, even though I would enjoy beating my slaves, this is more a question about a possible bug. I have 2 slaves at my outpost, however I can only assign them to non-ss plots, i.e. Salvage Beacons desk and vanilla crops. I should be able to assign them to anything, right? Or at least SS agri...
  2. J

    Old Post Very small plots

    My suggestion would be to have small interior plots the size of half a floor for small rooms. It would be like workstations but more elaborate sim settlement style with three levels and would give half the resources the full plots would give. Cauz sometimes when placing the interior plots there...
  3. Cranky Cat

    mini-kitchen to put in diners

    How about just the cooking part of a kitchen in a 1x1 area to better fit into an existing space? It seems a shame to assign a settler to a simple stove put in an existing diner that's in good shape. So if you have a diner or cafeteria which already has all of the tables, chairs, counters and...