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  1. R

    SSM 2 Lets Play, Feed Back and Suggestions

    I have recently made a lets play series of the sim settlements 2 mod and would love some more feed back. I know that there is some audio line up issues. I hope that by creating this I can receive additional advice and direction from other people that care about this mod. I have tried to make...
  2. O

    Bug Sim settlement 1 canot be used with sims settlement 2 please disable one

    Hi i am new in here and i probably dont expect answer since its an ''old'' game but i just installed sim, sims 2 and sims 2 wasteland. But when i load them it appears the message : Sims Settlements.esm was detected. Sim Settlements 2 and the original Sim Settelment should not be used togheter...
  3. J

    Old Post Very small plots

    My suggestion would be to have small interior plots the size of half a floor for small rooms. It would be like workstations but more elaborate sim settlement style with three levels and would give half the resources the full plots would give. Cauz sometimes when placing the interior plots there...