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settler sandbox expansion

  1. K

    Make these settlers do something lol

    I have been building at sanctuary and Abernathy Farm for the past 2 days irl and 8 days in-game and these people just stand around and DONT use their plots and it’s driving me insane. Let’s talk about Abernathy, Connie and what’shisname were automatically assigned to an industrial plot that...
  2. K

    Suggestion Settler Navmesh fixer for workshop framework

    I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account...
  3. TopHatFetus

    Robots go to their assigned plot and stay there.

    If you have automatron installed, filling your settlement with robots for menial tasks is pretty much a no brainer. The problem is they sorta all congregate in the middle of the settlement and don't move much beyond that. I understand their animations are pretty limited but it would be nice if...
  4. S

    Sim Settlements Compatibility

    Hi Guys I was wondering if anybody has used Sim Settlements, All Settlements Extended and Settler Sandbox Expansion and what issues were encountered. I am currently using All Settlement Extended and Sim Settlements and I am now considering including the Settler Sandbox Expansion and don't want...