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screenshots included

  1. yaugieLC

    Wisdom... (screenshots)

    Even Jake knows the auto-assignment is a bit wonky. And MALA is clearly aware of proper dominance-assertion posing.
  2. RayBo

    Getting Started with SS2 "Spoiler" Video

    If this does ok and helps folks I may do a few more. If folks have screenshots and such of unlocks post them below. They may help other folks and we all love your screenshots :declare
  3. RayBo

    Old Post I SAID "NO!!!!!"

    :mosking :rofl hahahaha, just experimenting with some new software. I have been toying with making some tutorials on game set-up, vortex and some out of game issues and decisions that I think cause in-game problems for some users. Also, I would like to do some showcasing of all the plots I...
  4. Zonary

    Favorite screenshots?

    I'm a person who likes to take screenshots. Lots of 'em. Anybody else here like me? I thought of making this thread so we could share them. I'll start:
  5. Enclave General

    Mod Not Spawning In Holotape Or Sensors On New Character.

    Hello! I've been using this mod for quite sometime now but ever since I updated from V2.02 on the Nexus, I haven't been able to get the starting equipment to spawn in the Museum of Freedom on a new character that I started. When I load an old save from a different character that already had a...