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  1. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.4 Atom's Glory - new quest: Spiritual Crossroads

    Glorious devotees! A new Atomic Messiah has risen to proclaim the might of our lord Atom. Meet Baron Nucléaire and his minions. The new update, version 1.0.4, contains: new side quests, "Spiritual Crossroads" and "Building the Baron's plots" that unlocks a new commander, new special units and...
  2. harkness13

    Old Post Gunner Questline for Conqueror?

    Once the framework for building onto Conqueror is released, I'd love to lend my writing hand toward building a Gunner questline for Conqueror. I've been mulling over a rough story of a Gunner Hardliner who wants to turn the rough scatterings of Gunner outposts into a centralized unstoppable...
  3. Martin

    Closed Minutemen quests unable to complete

    Hi. So any minutemen quest which involves placing a recruitment beacon, or the artillery gun in the old gun quest won’t complete. It won’t register that you’ve placed the beacon or artillery piece and the quest won’t complete. To complete the old gun quest I had to use console commands. Just...
  4. Gobb

    Primary Bug Report Can't complete quest "taking point: Sunshine tidings co-op"

    So i just installed the mod and went to sunshine tidings co op to build a city. i put down a town mayor desk and assigned one of my followers to it and went through all the flying part. after that was over i noticed that there was an already built recruitment beacon so i scraped it and tried to...
  5. G

    (SPOILER ALERT) Microfusion Garage Mission Questions

    Okay so I have searched the Chinese Nuclear Submarine top to bottom for drained warhead cores and I have only been able to find three. The research questline for the Microfusion Garage refuses to continue even after I plug these three in successfully. I am unable to find more than just these...
  6. B

    Microfusion Garage Quest

    I've gotten the diagram of the Chinese Submarine from the desk and seeing the word Dampener on it, I've assumed I need a Nuclear Dampener. I've gone to the Mass Fusion Building(Pre-MQ) & Corvega Factory as noted also on the diagram, but no Dampener. I see Drained Cores, but unsure as to what it...
  7. FryoKnight

    Can you make Quest Requirements for certain plots?

    So, I am planning on making a Add-on that will be adding alot more resources into Sim Settlements, but I was wondering something. Is it possible to lock certain Buildings away until certain quests (from the main game, added in later, or even from other mods) are completed? The main reason I ask...