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  1. Reconphil

    Question RotC - Complex City Plans Version

    Is there a way to set the version of RotC - Complex City Plans, currently 1.0.1 on Nexus so it doesn't show up as out of date? It assumes RotC - Complex City Plans should be 4.2.9.
  2. CABoyer

    No Response Workshop scrapper?

    Kinggath, Was wondering if you have and plans or have thought about adding your own scrapper (scrap everything, spring cleaning) to Workshop+, due to both of those mods having flaws i currently use scrap everything because i have had major issues with spring cleaning in the past , but with your...
  3. E

    List of City Plans with descriptions and credits?

    Hello. I am lost and can't find a list of city plans currently in ROTC on the wiki to see credits of who made them and also the theme/focus (IE: Martial or Industrial) for settlement locations I haven't found or settled yet. Could somebody help me find it? NOTE: I couldn't find the spoiler...
  4. P

    Industrial Revolution Not Activating

    I downloaded industrial revolution to have more choices for industrial plots, however when I go to choose a build plan all it shows is “[SS] Scrap Heap by Kinggath” and nothing else. Not sure if it just glitched and isn’t activating or if I’m not doing something right. I have all the...
  5. Ragnarokz

    Fixed Plot plans are slowly disappearing

    Plot plans are slowly disappearing, slowly, for the last week or so. For some odd reason I'm left with only the basic plot plans (Sim Settlement, Industrial Revolution and Rise) at this stage, yet, the other plots are still present in the settlements I placed them, still functional, I simply...