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outpost zimonja

  1. N

    Question Red Rocket Truck Stop and Outpost Zimonja Linked?

    i tried to fast travel to Red Rocket Truck stop when for some reason it sent me to Outpost Zimonja. I thougfht it was a bug and moved on. Later i want to donate supplies to Red Rocket Truck Stop but the city planners desk is now gone. i build a new one and try to refresh the city. Everything is...
  2. Carl Kevin Ranara

    Question I can't advance the "Assault on outpost Zimonja" quest

    I've already subdued all of the civilians/settlers and killed all of the hired gunners in the area but there is still on last quest marker on the workshop (not quite sure what to do with it) and the quest doesn't seem to advance from there. I've tried reloading an earlier save and it still does...
  3. T

    Question Crashes when upgrading ROTC Outpost Zimonja (Main Story Spoilers)

    My Outpost Zimonja is using the basic ROTC plan. It is currently at level 1, attempting to upgrade to level 2. Every time it makes this attempt, my game crashes to desktop. This happens whether or not I am there (as in if I go to the other side of the Commonwealth, it still happens). I believe...
  4. CodeNamed1

    Solved Outpost Zimonja cp wont proceed.

    So my Outpost Zimonja cityplan won’t proceed past L0 37%. It has been on the same % for he last 3 times I have visited and there has been quite some time between those visits. The city plan is the one SS offers and MacCredy is the leader. I have refreshed the city couple of times and tried to...
  5. Loci

    Solved Outpost Zimonja has no workbenches?

    hELLO LOVELIES Does Outpost Zimonja is have workbenches at any level? Since it's always at maximum build-limit I can't place any either. I'm at Level 2, but due to the Zimonja level bug atm (v4.0.5) it's level 3, can't find any workbenches after a full refresh. I love the decor and would like...
  6. T

    Bug I found bug with ROTC: OUTPOST ZIMONJA

    Rotc: Outpost Zimonja I believe that the level 2 and 3 are switched level 2 had more signs around the settlement and looked alot more finished then it look at level 3 not to mention alot of the over head cover got remove from some of the store at level 3.
  7. SavageRock


    Hello all. This is probably old news, BUT I'm trying to clear Zimonja of the stairs and the wooden supports for an outpost blueprint. All the info I'm finding is leading me to think that there really aren't any ways to do this without adding the " bUseCombinedObjects=0 " in my .ini file. I DONT...