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doesn't work

  1. D

    Does anyone know how to fix SS2 not working despite the magazine still showing up in Sanctuary?

    So, I installed SS2 onto the Fallout 4 that I had just got for my laptop. I played Fallout 4 and became experienced with it on my xbox, but had to get it (and fallout 4) on my laptop due to my xbox not being able to handle the sheer amount of mods that were on it- Ok, so I do all this, play it...
  2. Radiologist Song

    Solved Please Help! City Plan Doesn't Work.

    After a long time, I started Fallout 4 again. Sim Settlements was the most interesting content. So, I am re-install Sim Settlements 3-in 1(4.01 Ver), Rotc, Some Popular Add-on. It works well when I construct the plot directly. Even Now. However, when set a leader and run City Plan, plot is...