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  1. Xross

    Question Contest city plans for RDRKT crash

    The NWC red rocket city plan crashes my game I only have the contest version loaded why does it do this? Am I missing content?
  2. Xross

    Red rocket crash

    So I started my game and wanted to use the NWC city plan but it crashes my game. I don’t know why but do I need to go find the original copy from the nexus cause I’m using the kinggath contest thing.
  3. Sirlach

    Get Ready for Masters 2020!

    Rules and Prize information is here ->
  4. Sirlach

    July 2020 Competition (Dalton Farm FH OR Covenant)

    Settlement: Dalton Farm (Far Harbour) OR Covenant ! Dalton Farm (Far Harbour) Covenant Ladies and Gentle Builders! We have saved the BEST for last! This month you can choose from one of these two delightful locations! Go BIG with Dalton Farm or Focus on quality for Covenant! (Mini and...
  5. Sirlach

    April 2020 Voting is up now

  6. Kharon93

    Bar Island

    You are invited to Bar Island, post-war New England's maine source of alcohol. Located north of Far Harbor, the island is home to three bars and a distillery, so you won't have to spend a moment sober! L3 Save here November's build was a challenging one. I didn't have a solid theme or idea...
  7. Iztari

    Well count me in, with a Taffington Inn

    As usally my builds are clean, and only using default plots and Project Blueprint and original game items. So they are not "fancy" but functional. I like functional and "realism" when I personally play so I build the same way. So this time, I ended upp with a small Inn with a white picket fence...
  8. Kharon93

    Greentop Fertilizer Factory

    Welcome to Greentop Nursery, the Commonwealth's finest, and possibly only, fertilizer factory! Our dedicated facility processes waste organic matter and converts it into VitaLimeTM Garden Feed, renowned across the wasteland for its improvements to crop growth and harvest yields. Stop by for a...
  9. NDCowdy

    NDCowdy, Making Croup Manor Great Again, March 2019

    CROUP MANOR TRADING Co. What if Theodore Croup had worked towards rebuilding his family's wealth rather than trying to teach his feral relatives how to use salad forks? The Manor could be patched up and extended, a trading post built, traders (provisoners) sent out, plenty of mercenaries hired...
  10. harkness13

    I have decided to give Jamaica Plain a shot!

    I make zero promises of completion, however I am challenging myself to give this a try. Jamaica Plain has always been an interesting location for me, so that shall be where I sow my creative seeds. Watch this space as I attempt to place all the necessary mods, plots and idle markers to make my...