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  1. Jonnan

    Exporting City Plans

    I’m not sure if I’m missing anything major here. Playing after a prolonged hiatus, and while catching up on patches, I noticed that SS has it’s own export method now. I get the impression it’s not quite identical to the version exported in Transfer Settlements, but I can’t quite figure out what...
  2. Jonnan

    Simple Mod I made: 'Random Plot Generator'

    We're not going to discuss how long it took me to make what must be literally the simplest Addon that's theoretically possible, but I made it and hope people find it useful in creating city plans. Random Plot Generator; the idea is you place these plots (Empty Floors painted the same color as...
  3. Jonnan

    Old Post Limited Range Tracking Options

    Two thoughts crossed my mind wathching the notifications and tracking tutorial. One is, it would be neat to have more granular quest markers for the tracking quests, just so you could toggle them on/off from the pipboy quest menu without going into the holotape. Ideally in the Misc Menu...
  4. Jonnan

    Fixed Don't Drink the Bathwater

    Found a thread on this from 2018, but my issue seems to be different. I just thought this was a base quest I had never triggered before. I found a journal on a raider that referenced Edwins cabin, but the description and such definitely made me think of that maze down at the parking garage by...
  5. Jonnan

    Old Post Power Question

    Two related questions about power in a City Plan. A- since a city plan uses a kind of radiant power, if I build and export something that requires power but never actually wired it up, is it automatically powered? I assume so, but since I need to cut and migrate the population for my plans for...
  6. Jonnan

    Old Post Why do I have so many settlers?

    Well, my intention was to do every settlement this time and export them/convert to city plans, so I guess I'll just go ahead, shut down beacons, and migrate people.
  7. Jonnan

    Old Post Why do I have so many settlers?

    I have this problem too when designing my own settlements. My main concern is I, uh -- I hate the defaults for those tiny settlement areas like Zimonji and Hangmans Alley (I start looking for something and the ramps and stuff throw me off. I have the same issue in Markarth in Skyrim, so it's a...
  8. Jonnan

    Old Post Default Build Limits

    Had an odd thing. New-ish game, going to make 'my' cityplans for various settlements. Unlocked Croup Manor, verified there was nothing I carried to save, did scrapall and went to bed. Start today, and can't build. Checked getav 349 and getav 34b WorkshopMaxTriangles is set at 1000000.00...
  9. Jonnan

    No Response Setting default foundation for plots

    I found it - you have to toggle it on in MCM before it shows in the ASAM menus. If it's available in the holotape I wasn't able to find it so that may need to be added there for console users.
  10. Jonnan

    No Response Setting default foundation for plots

    I must've been unclear what I'm referring to -- You can select foundations for external plots from within the ASAM sensor menus; I think the button to get there is 'customize plots'. Where I'm confused is I had it in my head that when I saw the tutorial introducing this there was mention of a...
  11. Jonnan

    No Response Setting default foundation for plots

    My 'vague recollection' is that one of the tutorials noted that you can select a default foundation for plots, but I can't find anything to this effect in the wiki nor am I finding anything like that at the city planners desk. Did I dream this, or is it real and I'm just not looking in the...
  12. Jonnan

    Has anyone tried this?

    Well, that explains why I'm not getting any traction trying this in sanctuary and red rocket. I'm on a new game, so will test in outpost Zangrief when I get there but i still need to build two cities and kill raiders before i get to that. Explains why i always jumped into the middle of the...
  13. Jonnan

    Won't/Can't Upload Project Blueprint as a mod

    Do you actually need Sim Settlements to use Project Blueprint? I didn't actually get that impression.
  14. Jonnan

    Won't/Can't Upload Project Blueprint as a mod

    This is going to sound stupid, mostly because I was in fact stupid. I was playing with the nexus manager profiles, and started to delete sim settlements stuff from my 'base' profile, suddenly realized i was of course deleting stuff from everything because *of course* NMM doesn't maintain...
  15. Jonnan

    Has anyone tried this?

    Found a 'Trigger Attack' button, but so far they've all come over the Sanctuary bridge. But only three times thus far.
  16. Jonnan

    Old Post Addon request: Dummy plots

    I'm trying to do this for my city plans, and it's not going well I want to make a city plan that has Designers Choice for a few plots - eg I want Ideks logistic Station, i want tatos, mutfruit, and corn for adhesive for my first three farm plot, and i want the mayor's hut in a specific spot...
  17. Jonnan

    Has anyone tried this?

    If anyone knows how to trigger a settlement attack that uses the spawn points, preferably from console rather than a mod, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Jonnan

    Has anyone tried this?

    So, if you place a custom waypoint in a settlement (wrong term, but the floor mat), it doubles as a spawn point for settlement attacks. Sooooo... What happens if you have effects that prevent falling damage and you place that welcome mat as high as you can in the build area? Do invaders just...
  19. Jonnan

    When you start a new game w/o some mods

    My game went buggy, so I said the heck with it, and decided I was going to start a new game with minimal mods pursuant to actually making the kind of Cityplans I like. More wide open, lit, that kind of thing. Boy, when you start remembering how little you can scrap by default, that somehow you...
  20. Jonnan

    Sim settlement menu manager

    That's exactly right - on the far right side there will be a specific set of SS menus. IIRC without SMM they all show in the 'special' category on the left which tends to get crowded even w/o SS, so if SMM is an option for you I recommend it.