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  1. Skellyman

    Question Can't take over Starlight

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to make Starlight a vassal but I can't complete the assault. I subdue everyone but there are two quest markers on the workbench there. I have used the sqv WSFW_AssaultSettlement_PlayerInvolved01 command that I have seen Kinggath suggest in another thread. Using PRID the...
  2. Skellyman

    Question Soldier Role issue

    I have included screenshots of the mods I'm using. (I'm not sure if there is a way to export them as text in vortex) I don't believe any of them use the R key and I looked at the pages to see if there was any mention of that key being used.
  3. Skellyman

    Question Soldier Role issue

    I'm having a similar issue, using this faction as well. Took a vassal with my commander joining and now can't change his role and he can't be moved to any outposts, only vassals. Wonder if you have that same moving problem as well.
  4. Skellyman

    Question Changing vassal plot skins

    Hi, I'm using the Atom's Glory Liberator Faction Pack and I'm trying to set the plots in vassals I take to use the included coa style skins. I keep getting the message that there are no available skins when I try. This doesn't happen in outposts. This happens in both rise of the commonwealth...