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  1. Salvinha

    Question Invisible settler bug. Any solution?

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem here: Does anyone have a solution to that? I also have an invisible settler at Sanctuary, the one in Sanctuary is also a child (and different from Red Rocket, I don't use any city plan in Sanctuary). Settler mods installed: Sim Settlements 3 in 1 + All years...
  2. Salvinha

    Solved Does SS settler cap apply to non SS builds?

    Thanks for the answer.
  3. Salvinha

    Solved Does SS settler cap apply to non SS builds?

    Hello builders of the commonwealth. I have SS installed but I was thinking about building Sanctuary myself and not choose any plan. Does the settler cap increase will apply to Sanctuary (that ignore Charisma thing)? Or am I obliged to build the City Planner's desk at least? If so, could I only...
  4. Salvinha

    Complex City Plans (RotC) + Some mods

    Hello guys, Salvinha here. I'm coming back to FO4 after 2 years out, and I'm making a new mod list. I download all Sim Settlements modules but I have other mods kinda script heavy, and I wanted to know if I will have problems with my saves if I add the complex city plans files + ultra settings...