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    Not a bug Not Fixed: Combat restarts after defenders subdued

    Yes, I think we would need some API that another mod can use to tell WSFW that a attacker or defender has been defeated. Without that, if they are for example knocked out using Knockout Framework, they will not cause OnDeath/OnEnterBleedout; WSFW will never realize that the person has been...
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    Not a bug Not Fixed: Combat restarts after defenders subdued

    I did some testing and Knockout Framework is to blame. So contrary to my previous reports about Knockout Framework it is not enough to disable knockout of humans in MCM. @kinggath , do you provide a easy way for other mods to recognize that the NPCs in a assault scene are in a special scene and...
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    Not a bug Not Fixed: Combat restarts after defenders subdued

    Ok, fair enough. I agree that it is probably a mod conflict as I seem to be the only one having the issue. Maybe I need to take the time to do a binary search through my mods to find the one that is causing it...
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    Not a bug Not Fixed: Combat restarts after defenders subdued The thread was tagged "Fixed" and archived without any comment, and I don't have permissions to post in the archived thread. I still have this problem [Edit: Retested with 4.0.3c]. Every time I...
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    New Report Exit to desktop = game freeze

    I have quieter settlements, but disabling it does not fix the crash. The game did initially not crash on exit, it started doing so after prebuilding the settlements had finished. So it may very well be a issue with too much data in the save.
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    Fixed No Settlements Will Upgrade After Conqueror Install

    Oh, so that's why my raider outposts are not upgrading - the plots upgrade but the settlement as a whole does not. Good to know, I missed that bug report here. Another question, I took Starlight Drive-In as my headquarters, disabled the plan, used the self-destruct tool, and then rebuilt it...
  7. K

    Fixed Wall Busting

    Just build any wall from the base game, e.g. junk wall, wooden wall, etc.
  8. K

    Fixed Wall Busting

    Ok, I finally managed to make it work. The trick is, place the wall while standing somewhat away from Ophelia, then stand directly beside the wall and wait for Ophelia to slowly walk to you. Stay there until she tells you to get away, then go to the quest target to observe. If Jammer does not...
  9. K

    Fixed Wall Busting

    Ophelia is really not cooperating in my game (see my other thread in Suggestions). After barely getting through A Blast From The Past (only with some moveto player commands), I am now stuck on Wall Busting. After placing the Wall, I get a 'objective completed' and Ophelia tells me to stand back...
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    Suggestion A Blast From The Past: Very nice quest, but not working well

    I loved that quest, but the quest triggers are way too fragile. I was almost unable to complete the quest as a result. 1) After finding the dead patrol, I got the "completed" update but nothing happened. I was wondering what to do next, but after about a minute Jammer gave an update...
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    Old Post Add fallback code for settlement attack quests

    When attacking a settlement, you are required to defeat all defenders. Reading through the bug reports, it seems that this mechanism is a frequent cause of blocking bugs (invincible molerats, settlers in a different settlement, etc). I just found one myself by the way, Unique NPCs has the option...
  12. K

    Fixed CTD when heavy agricultural plot is upgrading

    I am using MO2, which is to my luck good at that kind of stuff. The crash is caused by Scrap Everything (I installed the Ultimate Edition): Removing it allows the upgrade to suceed. Moving it around in the load order does not help, so maybe it makes...
  13. K

    Fixed CTD when heavy agricultural plot is upgrading

    It's an old game, I have in the meantime upgraded several mods and restarted. I did not dare to build the plot in my new game. I did make and keep a savegame in the "crashy" situation in case we needed to reproduce the issue. I just loaded that old savegame, but the plot upgrade did not trigger...
  14. K

    Fixed CTD when heavy agricultural plot is upgrading

    It was Universal Library Coffe 3x3 by Tinuvia. I had built it very early in the game, before unlocking anything else.
  15. K

    Fixed CTD when heavy agricultural plot is upgrading

    I am getting a Crash To Desktop when my heavy agricultural plot tries to upgrade to level 2. - The scaffolding appears (as expected) - The chickens that were wandering about disappear, as does the small windmill that was on the pole - There is no construction sound (the sound plays for other...
  16. K

    Fixed Subdue Defenders: Combat restarts on success

    After taking Starlight as my headquarters, I attacked Abernathy for food. Initially concentrated on the hired guards and killed them. When the last remaining settler went down, the quest succeeded and I got the message box explaining what happens on success. Also all settlers got up again, drew...
  17. K

    New Report Usability conflict with Knockout Framework

    Confirming the problem. Solution: Disable humans from being able to be knocked out in Knockout Framework MCM before attacking the settlment. Then reenable them after the attack is over. Should be documented somewhere (or more prominently if it already is), took me quite a while to figure out...
  18. K

    New Report Exit to desktop = game freeze

    Having the same problem: Game freezes when exiting, has to be killed in task manager. This is happening in a savegame that started with 4.0.1. Not that the exit savegame gets created correctly, so it does not seem to be caused by creating the exit save.
  19. K

    Closed Barracks losing defence value after refreshing plot

    Found this pretty bad bug with 3.03b. I have never seen it before, either it is a new bug or a mod conflict with something I recently updated. Does anyone else see this? 1. Go to Barracks level 2 2. Refresh plot 3. After a while, there is a message barracks updated. 4. Barracks have no defense...
  20. K

    Closed Another tax bug

    Yeah, I can confirm, Tax & Vendor Income is always showing zero as long as Fuel & Ammo Costs are greater than zero (see screenshot). When I remove all turrets and generators, Tax & Vendor Income shows the actual value, and Fuel & Ammo Costs shows minus zero. From my testing, this is only a...