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  1. RayBo

    Early Stages

    I really do recommend a new game. As-is, here is his ID:
  2. RayBo

    Quest not progressing

    Where is he when he stops and says Hurry? Can you follow him? That sequence should start in a settlement "Sanctuary" and the "Hurry" take place in the stranger's workshop "Concord?" If that is not the case I would roll back and replay and make sure you to hit the ques. If still, the problem...
  3. RayBo

    Need Help with Starting

    He should spawn as in this video:
  4. RayBo

    Getting Started with SS2 "Spoiler" Video

    If this does ok and helps folks I may do a few more. If folks have screenshots and such of unlocks post them below. They may help other folks and we all love your screenshots :declare
  5. RayBo

    Quest not progressing

    There should be another quest in your pipboy to build some plots "IND and AG" after a bit - 2 other settlers will show up Once you get to the right number of plots one of the new settlers will get pissed with her ASAM as she will want to build a shop. You will hear Old Paul and Lilly in a...
  6. RayBo

    Need Help with Starting

    You will get the tape after going to Concord and clearing the raiders around his workshop for him.
  7. RayBo

    Quest not progressing

    Are you in the workshop in Concord with the Stranger and Old Paul?
  8. RayBo

    Quest not progressing

    First, try moving the Player closer to the ASAM. If that does not work. Click on the stranger and get is ID then console moveto player To get him closer to the ASAM and the player. I think there are a few other folks having this issue so it has been reported to KG and he will look at it in...
  9. RayBo

    ASAM Sensors

    You will get your 1st box of ASAM's and the City Manager Tape once you follow the stranger to Concord and then visit him in his workshop. Here is a direct link to a video I did showing how that is started. It is still uploading but it is viewable.
  10. RayBo

    Missing ASAM sensors

    It’s a box. Can you check your junk inventory? Or if you have dropped off junk then check the workbench. Did The stranger give you the box and city manager holotape in his workshop in Concord?
  11. RayBo

    Can't drop ASAM sensor

    :blush We he gives it to you it unlocks residential plots in your workshop menu. So, go into workshop mode select the new res-plot icon and place it just like SS1. :acute
  12. RayBo

    Sim Settlements 2 Official Trailer

    Ok folks :grin Spoiler Be looking for this.:declare Hint. :acute
  13. RayBo

    Sim Settlements 2 Official Trailer

    I recommend you start a new game for the whole experience. It is different in many ways from SS1.
  14. RayBo

    Sim Settlements 2 Official Trailer

    It is on Nexus "NOW" :drinks
  15. RayBo

    Question Odd crash at Red Rocket mole rat cave

    :acute I agree with that guy. :grin
  16. RayBo

    Question Odd crash at Red Rocket mole rat cave

    Buffout 4 may help for me I haven't need to use - The below I use anyway "bug or not" :wink she is cute. Shortcut to Curie I like Curie :this
  17. RayBo

    Question The Infamous CTD at Sanctuary

    hey @Jameson1223 cleaning with Fallrim is the last resort. I prefer rolling back to a point where they are not backed-up and preemptively doing things in this video: you can post a text version of your loadorder this way "regardless" of MO: For more info on fallrim...
  18. RayBo

    Question Only have Sim Settlements mods, immediate CTD when starting a game

    Also, make sure all Creation Club files are removed from your data folder. They are known to sometimes not to download correctly and cause an immediate CTD.
  19. RayBo

    Question Salvage Beacons Not Under Utility?

    Do you have the perk requirement? Requirements: Local Leader - Rank 1 At least one Settler to assign to a new Miscellaneous Resource called "Communications Station" If the above is true then check if you have an "electronic workbench?" I had the same issue a while back and a different mod had...