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  1. Barbara917

    Question Is there a way to turn off VIP stories?

    Specifically, I don't want the game to randomly substitute the Wasteland Lounger for whatever residential lot I have selected to be used.
  2. Barbara917

    Question How Badly Did I Break Tenpines Bluff?

    Long story. I had a bed count bug with Tenpines Bluff but didn't notice it until I got the pop-up message that my settlers were unhappy and were on the verge of not being allied with me. For some unknown reason the Pip-Boy decided that the settlement had no beds and the happiness score had...
  3. Barbara917

    Question Non-plot jobs and plots not working together.

    You are smarter than I. I spent a lot of time considering whether to try Horizon but conceptually I couldn't figure out how Horizon and Sim Settlement scripts wouldn't be constantly fighting each other for supremacy. You say Horizon isn't the issue and on its own it may well not be. But these...
  4. Barbara917

    Question Non-plot jobs and plots not working together.

    I posted what is either a related problem or the same issue here. My specific issue was with non-plot food resources not being counted even though they were being worked by a settler. There seems to be no gentle ease over from non-plot work to plot jobs. Ideally, in a place like Abernathy Farms...
  5. Barbara917

    Question Question About Food Resources and already populated settlements

    I am having difficulty managing the food resources when I take over settlements like Abernathy Farm, Greygarden or Tenpines Bluff. Greygarden is a particular problem because I am having an added issue of robot happiness at that settlement. As soon as I start developing these settlements with Sim...
  6. Barbara917

    Question Nearly Blew Myself Up in Build Mode

    Thank you. This is helpful. When I come across a problem like this I don't like to appear as if I am complaining. As a whole I love Sim Settlements. It is more than worth the bugs I come across considering I paid nothing for it. (I actually did make a donation. Couldn't continue playing it...
  7. Barbara917

    Question Nearly Blew Myself Up in Build Mode

    Took enough damage to get the "your health is low" message when selecting/changing a building plan. The explosion inflicted damage. This thread ->
  8. Barbara917

    anybody else taking random damage after updating to the new version of SS?

    @bullyrook - I was googling for an answer to why I might be taking damage in workshop mode and found this thread. That link isn't working for me. Is there somewhere else I might look?
  9. Barbara917

    Help with (non SS?) bug

    @RayBo - Thanks. I will try that again. I set up a test game to see if this bug is idiosyncratic to my current game or if it is something to do with my mod load order. So I started a new game on very easy level which probably made no difference as I went straight to Nuka World in God Mode. I...
  10. Barbara917

    Help with (non SS?) bug I found the above thread through google searching a bug I am having in my game right now. It appears that it might be fairly rare because this was the only match I could find...
  11. Barbara917

    Question Bad Nuka-World bug: Colter instantly recovers from short-circuit

    I am experiencing this bug and cannot find a workaround. I do not have Conqueror installed. I have all Sim Settlements except Conqueror. The bug is as described in the original post with the exception that there is zero time even using several different variants of jet that his shield actually...
  12. Barbara917

    Solved Not all objects being rebuilt during city refresh.

    That's pretty interesting. When I built that city plan it did not lay down any beds at level 0. I had to put them down myself.
  13. Barbara917

    "The Den" and Bridgetown

    For me, it worked fine at level 0 and level 1. It didn't happen until I went back to see the results of level 2 city upgrade. However, since I was using that particular city plan I made it a point to go clear out West Everett Estates. I was returning to Taffington coming from County Crossing and...
  14. Barbara917

    "The Den" and Bridgetown

    I do not. /edit to add: In the game and load order in which this bridge issue occurred I did not have any scrap mods installed. However, I did have this city plan installed which I quite liked the look of. In that particular game I was trying out several new city plans (mostly from the...
  15. Barbara917

    Greentop Priory

    That missing table was intended to be the workbench moved there but it doesn't get moved. I just stuck a table under it.
  16. Barbara917

    "The Den" and Bridgetown

    @Phil_T_Casual and @altasilvapuer - I have Workshop Plus mostly for freeze time convenience. The flight is nice. It has some blueprint stuff and layer functionality that I haven't made any effort to figure out. Is that sufficient?
  17. Barbara917

    "The Den" and Bridgetown

    @Phil_T_Casual - Sorry. I don't know what pbp is.
  18. Barbara917

    Question Greygarden ROTC complex not counting 3 of the robots

    I have used this city plan in previous games with no issues. I don't know what has changed in this game that could be causing this issue. Greygarden cannot advance past initial base level because it is not counting 3 of the starting 6 robots (sort of.) When the base level was first established...
  19. Barbara917

    Solved Stop time and losing HP

    @Catallaxis - My mistake. I thought you were responding to me.
  20. Barbara917

    Solved Stop time and losing HP

    I am not commenting on the HP loss issue. I am commenting on time failing to resume when exiting workshop mode. It doesn't happen every time but if you make frequent use of freeze time in workshop mode it will happen. The only comment from Kinggath on that was he had never experienced it...