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  1. RobotsSmell

    SS resource donation

    Good point. Forgot about that!
  2. RobotsSmell

    SS resource donation

    They might not need them! What is the percentage scrap collected to next level showing? If its high, they dont need them.
  3. RobotsSmell

    Question Only have Sim Settlements mods, immediate CTD when starting a game

    Assume you have set up a quick launch button in vortex to run FS4E!
  4. RobotsSmell

    Suggestion Local Leaders

    Then I shall post it on your behalf!
  5. RobotsSmell

    Question SS plots sometimes (completely) misplaced default RotC plans

    Not sure. I always use disable "00ccffxxx After clicking on the item to get the 00ccffxxx id. Never used mark for delete, but assume it does the same thing.
  6. RobotsSmell

    Question SS plots sometimes (completely) misplaced default RotC plans

    What's interesting in your 3rd pic, is when I tried to build the plan, to see what happens for me, I got a similar thing. A plot ASAM appeared near the workbench but no fuse box appeared. I didn't think it looked right, so tried a refresh city plan. The rogue ASAM and other associated stuff...
  7. RobotsSmell

    Question AI Pathing Broken

    Interesting that the removal of the jet pack mod has helped you a lot! Wonder what that's doing? I don't have the skill to work it out, but it is a good find I think, especially if it is what's causing an issue. Might be on to something!
  8. RobotsSmell

    Question Sanctuary Plots Randomly Changing

    Not me. Never had anything like that before. Sounds terminal.
  9. RobotsSmell

    Question Somerville Place on XB1

    Sometimes it does take a while for stuff to refresh etc. I highly recommend going to Home Plate or somewhere similar, and waiting a while. Seems to clear all the issues I have see whilst changing plans etc. Even got to a point where I blew it all up, went to home plate, waited for days, then...
  10. RobotsSmell

    Question Canary Support

    In CK- file- Data - double click your plug in from the list so an x appears, and then click the "set as active file" button. Then ok. Then wait for ck to load your mod. Then I assume you follow the instruction's in the video from KG.
  11. RobotsSmell

    Solved SS MP 2, The Overseer: Furniture not all showing up

    You could try downloading Vault land addon as well as the MP. The MP may well have things missing. If you grab the vault land addon and things are then ok, then it proves the MP has an issue. You will have to select the addon pack plot I think, to get it to build with the add-on packs...
  12. RobotsSmell

    Question Worker(?) icon

    So from your screen shot, you have 7 settlers. You have enough beds or residential plots as the house icon bar is full green. You therefore need in this instance 7 other plots of either martial, commercial, industrial or rec. Unless you want unemployed settlers that is.
  13. RobotsSmell

    Question Worker(?) icon

    Its how many "work" plots you have. This includes industrial, recreational, commercial and martial. It basically means "Do you have enough non residential plots to keep your settlers occupied.
  14. RobotsSmell

    Question Sanctuary Plots Randomly Changing

    Do you have conqueror as well? Just wondering if it is auto doing something at the same time?
  15. RobotsSmell

    Question Problem with building plates

    Sorry, I have no idea what the issue is. Is it a city plan plaque?
  16. RobotsSmell

    Question Problem with building plates

    I think a screen shot is required to understand what you mean.
  17. RobotsSmell

    Question Returning Player Confused

    What to you mean by the container?
  18. RobotsSmell

    Solved Certain Residential Lot designs don't upgrade beyond a certain point?

    Do you have the CK? Thats the way I checked. If not, I dont know how to check it, other than Xedit!
  19. RobotsSmell


    But we want more!